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Wrong IP address displayed as MY IP address

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I installed Lion Script IP Blocker 10 (lite) for my site mp3Quiz.co.uk.


I have a fixed IP address 82.69.57.xxx and this shows if I go to 'whatismyipaddress.com' or i view my own visit to my own site through StatCounter


However on the IP Address Blocker - Settings page, it displays "Your current IP Address is". If I click on whois for this IP it shows a strange map of an area I'm not familiar with


Can you advise what could be occurring?

asked Jan 8, 2017 by rogerbowering (150 points)

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1 Answer

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The Lite version doesn't support wildcard IP Blocking.
This feature is only available in WordPress IP Blocker Pro Licenses.
answered Jan 12, 2017 by lionscripts (27,900 points)