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Block Individual IPs from Visiting a Category?

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Hello, I purchased the PRO version as I thought I could block Individual IPs from visiting Categories. However I am only allowed to block a category from ALL visitiors.

Is it possible to block individual IPs from categories from my website and then forward them to another URL?
asked Apr 17 in WordPress IP Blocker by CreativeDC (160 points)
Is there anyone there who can answer this question? It says 24x7 Support but I have not heard from anyone in two days.

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2 Answers

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You can either block the IP Addresses or the categories as mentioned in the Product Description and screenshots as well on the page http://www.lionscripts.com/product/wordpress-ip-address-blocker-pro/
answered 4 days ago by lionscripts (27,660 points)
Yes, you are correct, but I assumed that features could be combined. Meaning I can block individual IPs from a Category.

This unfortunately is something I need.
Thanks for your suggestion. We will put this feature in our next release and send you the update without any extra charge.
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Wow this is fantastic! Thank you very much. Do you have a timeframe on implementation?
answered 2 days ago by CreativeDC (160 points)