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I was using your plugin and am now locked out of my WordPress admin because of a change in IP address. I have tried deleting the plugin via FTP and then I logged into the MySQL database via PHPMyAdmin and dropped the table there as well, but I'm still getting an Error 403. Is there something else I could do that might unlock it?

Thanks very much for your time.
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I really apologize but such issue should not happen in our plugin. Please provide your Teamviewer id do that we can remotely identify and resolve the issue. Thanks
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Oh wow...so it's possibly not LionScripts at all. Okay, my TeamViewer ID is 560 564 700. That would definitely be helpful to me even if it's not your script so that I can at least narrow it down.
I figured it out! Once you told me your plugin wouldn't cause that, I looked everywhere else and found it. Thank you sooo much.