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My site is scoring thousands of attacks a month from IPs already on the Blocked list. I gather from previous posts and answers that this does not mean they are getting THROUGH, just trying. Is this correct?

ALSO, exactly what does a browser display to somebody on hte Blocked list when thy access the URL? (I have not elected to display the message proudly crediting this plugin.)


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The blocked IPs (both IPv4 and IPv6) will see your defined message whenever they try to access your website.
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I actually guessed that, but what I meant was what do they see when there is NO 'defined message', ie what do they see by default?

Also, the first part of my question seems unaddressed.

The answers would be VERY much appreciated. Thanks for your help in this.
By default they'll see message that their IP has been blocked.
But you can also also customize this generic message in WordPress IP Blocker Pro apart from many other features including Auto-Blocking Suspicious IPs and IP based Blocking Messages.