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Your plugin was very helpful to me, but I have some further question about details to ask you.
For example, I want to block access from China, but because of there are some proxy tools called "vpn" and "socks
(shadowsocks)" would be used by some person who want visit my site,and I don`t want they visit, some how they can use 
these tools to switch their IP address from China to the other region,then bypass the plugin WordPress IP Address Blocker Pro set.
So, I want to know can your "WordPress IP Address Blocker Pro plugin" recognize the original IP address and block it?(As far as I know, "google" 
and "AWS" can recognize the original IP address whether or not use the proxy tools)
Above, very hope to get answers as soon as possible, thank you very much !
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1 Answer

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In actual, the original IPs are neither trackable by Google and AWS in case a VPN is used.
As any website only sees what is rendering it.

The same goes with WordPress IP Blocker Pro as well.
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