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Thanks for the Wordpress IP Blocker plugin.

We are in need to keep the 3,000 or more IPs we have blocked over the past few months with your free version, but the installation instructions say we have to delete previous versions.

Is there a way we can install the paid version while keeping the previously blocked IP’s?

Zohaib Bashir


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To import all IPs from IP Blocker Lite to Pro, you need to:
1. Download Blocked IP Addresses (In WordPress IP Blocker Pro-CSV Format)
2. Delete the free plugin,
3. Install the Pro version,
4. And, upload the CSV file
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Thanks. We have added the new script and imported the previous 3,000 blocked IP’s – but for some reason when we import, it is adding the ID#.

For example, this IP -, when imported, comes out like this: 3396178.137.92.43.  The “3396” ia the record number.

Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this?
Were you able to generate a CSV file with different columns (different column for id and for ip addresses)?

Please look at below sample CSV file, which will give to an appropriate idea about CSV structure for IP Blocker Pro 4:
Hello Staff,

I am attaching that CSV file what I exported from the database following your instructions. We need these ips to import in the new version, your help would be highly appreciated.
We have modified your CSV file to the correct IP Blocker Pro format.
Kindly upload the attached CSV file from IP Blocker Pro admin panel.

Hope it helps.
Thank you very much. Your have wonderful support indeed. everything has been sorted... All well.