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I paid yesterday but only noticed today that no one can comment at all, not even I can comment (logged in as admin on my wordpress site).

I'd added some IP addresses to block, so removed them all then deactivated and re-activated and every comment I try to post gives the message 'You are blocked! Contact me if you are wrongly blocked.'. Someone else also emailed to say they'd had the same issue.

Everything is default, there are no blocked Ip addresses, no blocked countries etc.

Not very impressed.

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Hi Chris,

I extremely apologize for the issue you are facing. Please send us the IP Blocker settings screenshot or if possible we can have remote view of your website via Teamviewer.

As none of the users of IP Blocker Pro have reported this issue.

There would have been some settings conflict.
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I've enabled it again and doen screenshots, it's all default as it came.

Last screen is the message after leaving a comment.






I did have the non pro version installed previously but removed it first as per instructions.
Thanks for letting us know the screenshots. It seems there is some configuration debugging is required on your website.
Can you please provide us the Teamviewer ID and its password at our email support@lionscripts.com, so that we can see & change the website settings on your PC itself by taking remote.
I don't think I'd be comfortable with that. Is there any way I can send you files? Or can you provide a list of things I can check etc (even if they are php files, I don't mind checking).

Please be assured TeamViewer is a remote help provider tool that all software companies use to provide remote support to their customers. Our Technical Support Executive will identify the issue on your computer itself, there is no need to send us any file or your website login details.