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I'd like to turn a PC into WIFI hotspot. BUT I'll use a sattelite phone for the internet connection - which is expensive and slow. Therefore I want to use the windows firewall to block traffic from almost all sites except the ones specifically whitelisted.

Question: can I do that with Wifi Hotspot Creator?
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No, that's not possible at this moment. However we may include that in our future releases.
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Windows can turn your PC into a wireless hotspot, allowing it to share its wired or wireless Internet connection with other wireless devices. But how you set it up that depends on what version of Windows you’re running. Here’s how it all works. If you’re running Windows 10 with the Anniversary Update installed, then you’re in luck. With that update, Windows now has a single switch for turning any PC with Wi-Fi into a hotspot, and it doesn’t matter whether the Internet connection you want to share is wired or wireless. This is great if you’re at a hotel that charges per device, or if you’re on a plane and you connect your laptop but don’t want to pay more to connect your phone. If you pay for the Pro version you can even use your PC as a Wi-Fi repeater or a wired router, or share a tethered connection off your phone.