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Why, when I've entered the Google Webmaster Verification ID in the field, can the site still not be verified? Do I need to include the quotes? The whole meta-tag?Do I need to include the quotes? The whole meta-tag?
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Hi Tasha,

You don't need to include quotes or complete meta tag. Google takes some time to get the latest code of your site. Please wait for at-least a few hours, and verify it again at Google Webmaster Tools.
But the plug-in has been installed for a week...
Can you please provide URL of the site, where I can check the meta tag is there or not.
Yes, please! Thanks so much: www.turftosurf.com
Tasha, I can see your google webmaster tools Meta code is already there. Google should verify that. However as an alternative, you can add the Google Analytics ID in your "LionScripts Webmaster Tools" Panel, and verify.
I've done that too. I don't get it because I entered all the info for Bing, too, and that verified within minutes. The Google verification has been turning me down for days.
Are there any plugins that might conflict with this one?
No, conflict doesn't occurs in verifying it. It's a bug with google, that it can't verify either using the Meta Tag or the Google Analytics. So to verify you need to follow the other options by google, like uploading a static file (Download it from Google Webmaster Tools) to your website root : something like "www.turftosurf.com/fg54fgfh48dfy96.html"

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Tasha, I hope the issue has been resoved.
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