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Hey, we just bought for a few of our websites and it seems to be working great for blocking the USA off of our website. However it also seems to blocking quite a few of customers who live in south central Ontario and Quebec.  Do you have any suggestions on how we might be able to reduce the frequency of this happening?

Is there a database of IP's for those regions that we might be able to upload to the App or is this something you can tweak on your end?  

We've only had it installed since last night and there have been a number of visitors blocked.  If we cant reduce the number we wont be able to use the app.   Keep us posted.  Any help is much appreciated.

Cheers, Dylan.
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Hi DylanS, are you sure that you did not block Canada in the Country Blocker.

If yes, then how you want to exclude the IPs?
Do you have any IPs database which you want to be excluded from blocking or anything else?

Currently, you can import the IPs and exclude them in the WordPress IP Blocker Dashboard as Excluded IPs.

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