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Ever since I've installed IP Blocker, my site will display a white screen on Chrome browsers maybe 1 or 5 times per day for around 5 min. This has happened with 15 or so people, all using Chrome, from all around the US. The US is not blocked. I blocked a bunch of Asia and other far away countries. Mexico is the closest blocked country. I can't have my site down at all. I've deactivated the plugin and it hasn't happened since. I reactivated it for yesterday, and it happened again.


Any page shows just a white screen for 1-5 min when it occurs. My site is www.retro.net. My traffic is 15k users per month. IE works fine when it is down in Chrome.
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Hi Greg,

The Problem you described does not look like due to Wordpress IP Blocker Pro.
I suspect some other plugin or file is causing the error.

Because if it was due to WordPress IP Blocker Pro, then the website would not have opened in any browser also, whether Chrome, Firefox, or IE

Please activate the plugin and we will try our best to identify the issue on your site.


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