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I have been manually adding a few IP address in the script, the script sure does work gr8.. however today when i tried to download the Blocked IP in CSV format if gave a header error, looks like a small tiny bug.. can i get some help on it..
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Can you please post the screenshot of the error you are getting.

When i try with Normal CSV this is hen i try downloading with normal csv format (IMG URL : http://tinypic.com/r/hrxwqr/8 )


Sry flok the Img button not shwoing the Img in the comment and even if i drag and drop it is not taking it.. hence added the Tinypic link for the img

This Screen shot is when i try with Pro CSV Version
Thank you nvispute.
We have forwarded the issue to the concerned engineers, which will be resolved via an update at WordPress Page http://wordpress.org/plugins/ip-address-blocker/

We will update you over this thread, as soon as we launch the update.
Gr8 Thanks all..
nvispute, we have released the latest version of Wordpress IP Blocker 5.2 which has the stated issue fixed
You can either update the plugin directly by clicking Update button (of LionScripts: IP Blocker Lite) on Plugins page or download zip file from http://wordpress.org/plugins/ip-address-blocker/
Thanks guy i updated it.. and i am able to download it.. all okay..

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Hi nvispute,

I am glad that the problem has been resolved (as per your last comment).

I am marking this thread as answered.

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