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I added my IP address to EXCLUDE, but it apparently INCLUDED my address... How can get back into IP Blocker???
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Resolved... I moved the Plug In out of the WP Contents folder and I was able to get back in. Apparently I was locked out for tyring to access a file that did not exist.


BUT I STILL want to know the answer?
You need to move back the wordpress-ip-blocker-pro folder to wp-content

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Hi Jari,
I apologize for the problem you have faced.

If you are locked-out on your own website, please follow below steps :

  • Please rename the wordpress-ip-blocker-pro folder to wordpress-ip-blocker-pro-disabled
  • Now login to your website's admin panel.
  • Now rename back the wordpress-ip-blocker-pro-disabled to wordpress-ip-blocker-pro
  • Go to your Plugin's Admin Panel and Activate WordPress IP Blocker (if it is not activated)
  • Now you should be able to exclude yur own IP Addresses.

Please reply or email us at support@lionscripts.com, if you are still not able to get into your website to make the changes. We will be in touch will you instantly to sort out the problem as soon as possible.

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Hi Jari, we didn't hear anything about the respective issue since 2 weeks. we are marking this question as answered after assuming that the problem is resolved. Please do not hesitate to ask any further questions!