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hello support team

i purchased Wordpress ip Blocker but did not recieve Product Download link

I paid 49$ via paypal please send me download link asap


Thank you
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Dear Customer, we have already sent you the software right after your purchase at your outlook email ID l*********s@outlook.com.

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i have my own remote desktop server, for testing i blocked myself but site still opening
see this image i captured
We are checking the software sent to you. Thank you for your patience.
We have recently re-tested the software sent to you and that is working perfectly fine. It is blocking all IP Addresses whether individual or the Wildcard IPs.
Please re-look that the IP Addresses you blocked are actually the server IPs. If you still think the issue exists, comment below and we will take your system over TeamViewer to resolve the same.
Also if you are using any caching plugin, please clear the cache