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I blocked many IP addresses in a range (separately since I am using the lite version), but still see them in the log, using up quite a bit of bandwidth. Anything I can check? Thanks.
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Yes, in AWStats the IP Address will still appear because the respective IP Address still visits your website, but WordPress IP Blocker stops it on its own.

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I don't understand what you mean? If it's not blocking the traffic/use of bandwidth, what is the IP blocker doing?  Thanks...
WordPress IP Blocker does exactly as per its name, it blocks the IP Addresses which you have added from the LionScripts Dashboard. AWStats track the all IP addresses whether they are blocked or not. Because even if the IP addresses are blocked they visit your website, but get restricted to view any content and hence save your website bandwidths/traffic etc.
Why would they want to visit the same page 4000 times?
Most probably to steal your website content they might be visiting your website.