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I am using WordPress IP Blocker Pro and it is working perfectly fine.
But I have another problem that my Hosting Service is going to be expired in next 1 week.

Can you please provide some valueable coupon codes or links for Hostgator or something where I can get maximum discount.

Actually I prefer Hostgator than the rest hosts because Hostgator provides a good service and customer support too, just like you :)

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Hi Torbet,

Currently we are providing 3 types of Coupon Codes for Hostgator:

1. 75% Discount on all hosting packages (Valid till 19 Sep 2014) 

To avail the 75% discount on Hostgator, visit http://www.lionscripts.com/coupon-codes.php?for=hostgator&type=75percent

2. 25% Discount on all hosting packages (Valid till 31 Dec 2014)

To avail the 25% discount on Hostgator, visit http://www.lionscripts.com/coupon-codes.php?for=hostgator&type=25percent

3. Hosting for first Month at 1 Cent Use (Valid till 31 Dec 2014)

Get Hostgator hosting at 1 cent for first month (applicable on Baby and Hatching Shared Hosting Accounts). To avail this offer visit http://www.lionscripts.com/coupon-codes.php?for=hostgator&type=1cent

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