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Hi there. You recently assisted me in getting IP Blocker Pro set up. One of the IP Address we blocked is - however yesterday they were able to access my site 4,301 times. I'm a bit confused. My site actually has an "Under Construction" app up currently so how in the world are they getting this kind of access? Thanks so much in advance for your guidance. 



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Hi ParaGate,

The log you see in cPanel etc. shows the visits to your website, which is perfectly fine.

But WordPress IP Blocker Pro blocks them all and restrics the person to view any content on your wordpress website.

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But it's still counting against me as far as my service provider is concerned. Which means I'll have to pay for a higher plan for more traffic. Sigh!
No, there is no such hosting plan that limit the number of visitors.
You can use any hosting plan at any host.
The spam IPs that are saved in your WordPress IP Blocker Pro are blocked as soon as they visit your website.