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I am using the pro version. I selected several countries to block and after a few minutes I was blocked out. This is the second time this happened. Also, I've contacted others at different IP addresses in the US that are also blocked out. How can I keep this from reoccurring? I won't be able to remove IP blocker until I get home from work tonight so my site will be down all day. :(
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@Shirley Shelton Scot:

We didn't find any License in your profile page. Nor your email / name is registered with us for the Pro version.

Please update the License number in your profile, so that we can assist you for the Pro version.

Ok, sorry. I had the free version before the pro version and didn't update my information. It is now updated. Is the license number the same as the Special Support ID?

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Thanks for updating the license information. It is highly recommended that you exclude your own IP Addresses before blocking the countries, especially when you are blocking your own country as well.
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I wasn't blocking my country and it not only blocked out my IP address, but I had friends in this country check as well and they were blocked out, too.
Please let us know whether your issue has been resolved or not.