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Hello there,

I am considering purchasing some licenses for IP blocker for my websites. Just wated to explain what I want to get out of this script and was wondering wheter you can help me.

Situation: we live in a country "A", and I do not want that other people except our team (5-6 people) from country "A" would enter my websites. Is it possible to block the country and leave our some IP addresses out.

Is there a plan for 6 licenses?


Thank you.


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Hi Laikinas,

Yes, IP Blocker Pro Software provides two methods to resolve your issue.

Method 1: If you want to disable all viewers except few IP addresses, then you can use Personal Network Viewer to block all traffic except your defined IP Addresses.

Method 2: If you want to allow some countries apart from Country A, then you can block the countries your want and exclude your defined IP Addresses. Then the blocked countries will not be able to go-through your site but the UN-BLOCKED countries and excluded IP Addresses will be able to visit.

Regarding your licensing query: Currently we provide standardized licenses available for 1 Site, 2 Sites, 5 Sites, and Unlimited Sites. However, in order to fulfil the custom 6 license requirements, you can purchase two types of licenses

  1. 5 Sites License and
  2. 1 Sites License 


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Looks like my question was not saved. I just repeat. What happens if the router got restarted and ip which was allowed got changed. Am i left behind the site?