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Hi Guys,

Fantastic plug-in, great work!

However since I upgraded my Wordpress install to 4.2.4, IP Blocker Lite is letting through spam comments from IP's that have already been blocked.

I notice in your help section that your Pro version has been updated to be compatible with the latest Wordpress install. Are the issues I am experiencing due to me being on the Lite version?

Thanks in advance,

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how do we help with the pro version I don't know how to set it up. This site is uselesss..................... I hope I did not waste my hard earn MONEY.

Please Help
@Clara Montoya, we have already sent you a Documentation along with the Software. Please read it to install the software. Also please start new question as each question is for different purpose.

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@evisar :

We are relasing the newer version of IP Blocker Lite by this week, which will support the latest version of Wordpress with backward compatibility.
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