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IP blocking from viewing multiple pages

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I was wondering with the pro version.
If a user comes to the site and visits 5 different pages and the threshold for blocking was set to 5, would they be blocked?
How does it work out it is a new visit or someone that is just looking at multiple pages.


asked May 3, 2016 in WordPress IP Blocker by webthread (150 points)

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1 Answer

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5 Visits means absolutely 5 visits to any of your website pages. So in the case you mentioned, the user will be blocked after any 5 page visits or visit on any single page 5 times.

The visits are kept basis IP addresses that gets cleared within the set time in IP Blocker Pro Settings. for example 24 hours, 48 hours or anything else.
answered May 7, 2016 by lionscripts (27,900 points)
selected Jul 16, 2016 by lionscripts