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locked out from WP again.

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Tried methods you suggested.

1. delete ip address blocker - re upload. didnt work

2. use ftp to remame ip address blocker - disabled, login via browswer and activate = fatal error

I get this message;

Fatal error: Class 'RE_Log' not found in /home/chrisb89/lionscripts/w-pcontent/plugins/redirection/models/redirect.php on line 360

I would like to once again have this plugin function. Please advise
asked Jun 23, 2014 in WordPress IP Blocker by squazimo (300 points)

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1 Answer

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Jason, I can understand the problem you are facing.

To resolve this you need to install the software from our second email sent to you at your email ID - s********o@gmail.com

However we are forwarding that email again to you at the same email ID.

answered Jun 28, 2014 by lionscripts (27,900 points)
selected Jul 2, 2014 by lionscripts