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Come through this form take some questions regarding the "PRO" version.
This version besides being more complete, I noticed that enables automatic blocking IP's.
Well, I have a site with sales classes, and would like to make when the student from accessing the website, the plugin sign-up and then if they want to pass your username and password to another person, that would not have access because be registered only the IP of the machine you bought the student class. This PRO version do that?
A plugin that meets what I need is the "s2Member Framework" (no option to select how many IP's per member and also the issue of blocking time), but this is incompatible with my theme that I use today, which is the "Academy", bought in ThemeForest.
If not how to perform such an operation would have some to indicate beyond that?
I'm waiting.
Thank you!
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samirbridi: WordPress IP Blocker Pro works on all WordPress websites, no matter what framework or plugin or theme you use.
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