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Hi. I too, was auto locked out of WP. The program is great but it automatically blocked my own IP - so I had to delete the files on the backend using my Control Panel. When I attempted to add the plugin again, I received a "fatal error" and now can't use the pro version. Please advise and thank you in advance for your guidance.

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Hi ParaGate,

Are you facing the Fatal error while installing the plugin in Wordpress admin panel?

If yes, can you please also try installing the plugin via FTP method?
By placing the unzipped folder wordpress-ip-blocker-pro to your server via FTP and then activating the plugin from your Wordpress admin panel?

Still, if it doesn't solve your problem, then please provide your Teamviewer Sharing Details so that we can remotely look at your own computer to rectify the issue.

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It did not work with either method. :) I tried both FTP and Wordpress admin panel.
Ok, can you please provide the Teamviewer details so that we can look the issue at your own computer.
I'm happy to do so. Basically the details are I installed the program. It auto blocked my IP so I had to delete the files through my Control Panel via my hosting service. When I attempted to reinstall I received a message saying it could not be installed as it caused a fatal error.
ParaGate, Team Viewer is a remote desktop software, which allows the authorized person to view your computer. We require Teamviewer User ID and Password to access your computer in order to resolve the issue.
ParaGate, did the problem sort-out? We are eager to resolve the issue if it is still there.
No. Still having issues. Thank you. I was on vacation last week.
Ok, so as per our previous discussion we require the Team Viewer ID and Password to access your computer remotely and try to resolve it on your own computer.
Should I post here or email you? ...........................
Please email us that to support@lionscripts.com . you can provide your mobile phone number there so that we can also talk to you if required.
Hi, As per our records our Technical Support Phone Officer resolve your issue. Please do not hesitate while contacting us further.