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Hi Support team,

I have recently installed the LionScripts Wi-Fi Hotspot Creator, but when I start/launch the software, it gives alert "Error #x00901: Wi-Fi Hotspot can't be started."

Please see the below screenshot:

LionScripts Wifi Hotspot Error #x00901: Wi-Fi Hotspot can't be started.

Please help me to get this software working.

Thank you.

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Hi Kousur,

Error #x00901 denotes that your computer/pc/laptop doesn't have Wi-Fi adaptor.

Only Wi-Fi Enabled computers with a Router Support can create Wi-Fi Hotspots.
Please check whether you computer (PC/Laptop) is Wi-Fi enabled and has a Virtual Router Support.

For configuration, visit the WiFi Hotspot Product page http://www.lionscripts.com/product/windows-wifi-hotspot-creator/
All configuration steps are available in the Settings tab over there.

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I was trying this software on my home PC, which doesn't have Wi-Fi Adaptor.
Wifi Hotspot Creator works perfectly on my Dell Laptop.

Thank you!
I use Compaq Presario V4000 notebook PC.
I have WiFi in this laptop. But none of the hotspot creator application seems to work. :(   :(
I badly need to share internet from ethernet to my Android device.

My question is How to know check for virtual router support...
In case I dont have this facility in my notebook, what are the other options...???

I have the same problem, by the way the software is working. Everytime I start windows, have to remove the hotspot, create another and the software works. The error appears ALWAYS - FOR ME ITS A BUG. If I try to start get error #x00901 , if stop get error #x00902 , if restart get error also.

Please provide your Laptop Model,Version. We will be testing the Software on that Model too and try to find out the solution.
Sony Vaio model VPCYB15AB,
Wifi Adaptor model Atheros AR9285
Running Windows 7 Home Premium
same problem, I have Toshiba satellite c40. Please suggest asap
Here's what helped me: Go to the device manager, click on "View" and show the hidden devices. Then you'll find "Microsoft hosted network adapter" under the network-adapters section. Disable it and enable it again. That should do the trick.