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Good Afternoon,

We were just setting up our Pro version. Somehow, the plugin managed to auto-block our own office IP address. I followed your instructions from the forum to remove the plugin via FTP and then reinstall. However, when we install the plugin back, it apparently still has all the settings saved because it instantly blocks us again.

In an effort to try and login from a different network, I used my mobile phone to hotspot and connect with my computer. I was able to login to the Word Press page, and am able to open the settings for your plugin, but once I’m in there it blocks me again. For whatever reason it doesn’t let me progress far enough through to get somewhere to adjust the settings.

As far as I know, the only setting that was changed was we reduced the amount of attempts per hour from the default of 100, down to 10. But we’re not even failing anything. It blocks us within seconds.

Is there any way to default out the settings? I looked around to see if the plugin fed the IP address info into some type of database or file that I could manually edit outside of the webpage.

Thanks for helping on this!
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Please Uncheck the Auto-Blocking option, if you do not require it, or change its value to a higher limit.

Automatically Block the Suspected IP Addresses after # Hits per Hour(s)

If this doesn't help, please remove the plugin from FTP, then login into your site's wordpress admin panel and then reupload the plugin via ftp and change the required settings.

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The problem is that we cannot login to page now that our IP address has been blocked. Once the plugin is activated, it immediately starts blocking.

And like I was saying before, we have already tried the removal via FTP and re-installing it. Even after we remove/re-install, the plugin still keeps its previous settings. Simply deleting it did not remove the settings that were applied. Are these settings saved somewhere else on the site?

I was able to use a remote PC to login and I disabled the auto-block, but it is still auto-blocking anyways. I used one remote PC to turn off auto block, and the setting took, but on the next tab I clicked on, I was now being blocked. I then used a second remote PC and logged in successfully hoping to go in and remove all the IPs that got blocked, but after entering the settings menu it notified me again that I was being blocked, even with auto-block disabled.

Any suggestions?

Can I have your remote access or testing credentials, so that I can help you from my end ?
No problem. Where should I send the account information?

Please email the required credentials at support@lionscripts.com
Jason, I hope your problem has been resolved by our support team. Please mark this question as answered.
With the help of LionScripts support, I was able to correct the settings located in the PHP tables related to my plugin. Their support is top notch and super prompt!