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Love your product but omg just updated the plugin to the newest version and all 300 of my banned IP's have been removed from my site! How can I get that data back and why did this happen upon upgrading the plugin?


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Actually another bug now..I added a new IP to the list and it said it has been added successfully but does not appear under the banned IP's list not even when refreshing the page! :(
Exact same two bugs happened to me just now after updating!
It appears that deactivating and reactivating the plugin allows you to be able to block IP's once again successfully with them appearing in the list BUT this did not solve the missing IP's issue :(
I apologize for the issue you faced onto the Lite Version, We are working to resolve this issue, will notify as soon as this bug gets fixed.
thank you very much! I am hoping that the data can be gotten back otherwise those 300 IP's can get my site again..but I know you guys are doing your best. I appreciate the speedy response. can you let us know when we should update again? thanks
Yes sure, your data can be gotten back. We will reply as soon as the bug gets fixed.
awesome thanks :)

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Hi All, Please uninstall the previous version and Install New by downloading the latest version from http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/ip-address-blocker.5.1.zip
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YES! it works..thank you :)