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Hi, I just updated the free version, and now it erased the existing blocks I had, and even worse, I cannot add any.

When trying to add, it shows the confirmation "Settings have been successfully updated" but in the block list shows "No saved data Exists."

Help please?
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Hi All, Please uninstall the previous version and Install New by downloading the latest version from http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/ip-address-blocker.5.1.zip

Refer: http://support.lionscripts.com/91/updated-plugin-removed-all-banned-ips
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Hey thanks for the fast fix! It works perfectly now. It even recovered my list of blocked IP's!
Hi, I use Wordpress 3.8 and IP Address Blocker Lite 5.1 and also receive "no saved data exist" when trying to add an IP address.
Please uninstall and Re-Install It.
It happens when some files are not installing at the time of Plugin Installation.