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The reason to do this would be to stop being charged for multiple clicks on a Google Adwords ad from any single visitor. I find my Adwords daily budget is often used up by visitors who get "click happy" and click on the same ad multiple times. Unfortunately Google does not provide any settings to stop this from happening.

Do you know if IP Blocker Pro would be able to help with this?

Many thanks.
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Yes WordPress IP Blocker Pro can do this by setting the numbers that 1 IP is allowed to view only one page within a certain period of time, lets say within 1 hour.

But even then there will be two problems in your case,
1. The links clicked on Google are charged when the links are clicked at google website and not yours.
2. The genuine buyers may get frustrated because they can't view your website more number of times.

Please correct me if wrong. Thanks.
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Hi, and thanks for your quick reply.

Yes you are right. I have since had a chat with a Google Adwords representative and they have confirmed that... if a visitor is blocked (after clicking on an ad) by a 3rd party site software/plugin, then the entire campaign will be disabled until the landing page is accessable again. Ive had experience with this in the past and it makes sense.

The best solution in this scenario is to find away to quickly and automatically add visitor IPs to the IP exculsion list which is a setting within Google Adwords itself.

Many thanks.