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I want to block a select few countrie (but not all).  When I attempt to do this, I am bloacked as well.  There must be a way to configure this plug so that it doesn't block me.

I would like some help setting this up correctly, please send me a personal email giving me a few tenative times which we can work on this together.  Please give me any instructions as to what you use for for remote access, so I can have this ready

Also, I see a few people are inquiring about compatibility with wp 4.1.. We have 4.1 therefore I am also inquiring to see if you can step us throug this process as well.


Darryl .
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Darryl, the latest version that you received via email works perfectly on all Wordpress versions. To exclude your senf you need to enter your own IP Address and select the option Exclude this IP.

Please go through the documentation that was send in the email file itself.

There are a number of features which you can apply to your website, and all of them are explained in the documentation.

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What you can also do is trying out another WordPress plug-in called ‘Brute Force Login Protection’. It not only protects your portal against unauthorized attacks but also you can manually block some sets of IP addresses and limit the amount of users accessing your site. You can definitely give this tool a well deserve try.

Someone else was having a similar problem as I am with not blocking myself. As seen here in the link below.


The person assisteing this post said they would be able to help by having a look at their web site.  Can someone help me confgure  this plug for our site,.  Simply put, after install, no matter what, it bloacks everyone, including myself and we cannot figure out why.

we don't want to try another wp plugin, we want to use this one as we paid for it but have yet to be able to use it for what it says it can do.

Please help!



Thank you Darryl.
Your suggestion has been forwarded to our Engineering Team.
The link you gave is for a user, who received corrupted software from us.
So we resent the software to him, and then everything worked.
Please describe if you are facing any issues with the Plugin