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I tried out the Lite version, then purchased Pro.  I've deleted the Lite, and I even deleted the Pro and reinstalled it--however, I am blocked from my own site.  But!  My IP address isn't listed in Blocked address.  It's not even listed in the Excluded List!
I have no IP's anywhere.  I've deleted everything and started over, more than once.  I've left it blank.

How can I fix this?  I have to say, I'm getting pretty angry and frustrated.
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KristineAz, you were required to Exclude your own IP before using the "Auto-Block Suspected IPs" Service. If you are locked out on your website please follow the steps as mentioned at http://support.lionscripts.com/233/i-locked-myself-out
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I never used the auto-block to block anything. I entered a few IP's manually.  Then deleted it all.

Also, I just looked at the "steps" mentioned at that link.  There aren't really any "steps".

I have no idea what the WP Content Folder is or where it's located.  I attempted to type in the addy suggested but all I get is a blank white page.

This isn't fixing anything for me.
wp-content folder resides in public_html folder of your website.
However we provide complete technical support. If you are unable to find the resolution to the problem, you can email us at support@lionscripts.com the temporary Wordpress credentials. So that we can look into it and resolve further.
Well that isn't where I found it last night.  I had to find the Content Folder under the ftp site and then it wouldn't let me delete anything.

How about refunds?  Do you do that?  This has been FAR too much of a pain in the butt.  Mostly because of your incomplete and vague responses.

Temporary WP credentials??  WTF is that?  Where am I supposed to get it?  You are NOT being helpful at all.

Is there anyone there who can actually answer the questions completely?  With STEPS?
KristineAz, the temporary WP Credentials mean the Login ID and Password for your WordPress Website's backend. We are offering the technical support at client side as well, where we will look-up the problem at your website (if any while using the WordPress IP Blocker Pro). We need the WordPress Login ID and Password for looking into the problem. Regarding the Refund: I apologize, but we do not have any refund policy at this moment, however we are committed to provide full technical support 24x7 (If you face any issues due to WordPress IP Blocker Pro)
If still you can't figure out the technical terms. Please allow us to take Remote Desktop to your PC/Mac via Teamviewer